Multifunctional building complex Evraz Park International Youth Complex
Vladimir, Mira Street and Oktyabrsky Prospekt
Recreation center on the Volga
Tver region, Zubtsovsky district, near the village of Yurkino
Apartment complex in Arkhangelsk
Moscow region, Krasnogorsky district, Ilyinskoye rural settlement, Arkhangelsk settlement
Hotel complex by the water
Moscow region, Mytishchi district, Novoaleksandrovo village
Residential building with sports and shopping and office complex
Moscow, Yunnatov Street
Fitness club building
Moscow, the territory of the Sickle and Hammer plant
"Iskra" Office and Warehouse complex
Moscow, Iskra Street
Reconstruction of an office building
Moscow, Sheremetyevo street
Reconstruction and new construction of the stadium SC "TRUD"
Moscow region,Podolsk city, Klement Gottwald street
Reconstruction and new construction of the NARA boarding house of the Ministry of Transport of the mo
Moscow region, Naro-Fominsky district, near the village of Tureika
Office center on Skakovaya
the city of Moscow, Skakovaya Street
Complex of office buildings on Paveletskaya embankment
the city of Moscow, Kozhevnicheskiy passage
"visavi" Bank building
the city of Moscow, Usacheva Street
Reconstruction of the building on Bronnaya
the city of Moscow, Malaya Bronnaya Street
Museum of Cosmonautics of the Khrunichev Plant
the city of Moscow, Novozavodskaya Street
Apartment complex on Dynamo
the city of Moscow, Nizhnyaya Maslovka street
Residential building in Kuntsevo
the city of Moscow, Osennaya Street
"EMPIRE" on Pirogovka
the city of Moscow, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Street
цик buildings and reconstruction of the Izvestia quarter
the city of Moscow, Pushkin Square
Multifunctional complex with O. Tabakov Theater
The city of Moscow, Malaya Sukharevskaya street
Gazprom Office Center
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Surgut city
Country SPA complex "WELNA"
Kaluga region, Tarussky district, Tarusa city
Interiors of the central core of "Moscow City"
the city of Moscow,Presnenskaya embankment,AFIMALL shopping center
Park, embankment and infrastructure facilities of residential development "Gorokhovoye pole"
Magadan district, Magadan city, Pea Field district
Construction and surveying of the territory of the "Golden Island"
the city of Moscow, Sofiyskaya and Bolotnaya embankments
Building and surveying of the territory for residential development
Jewish Autonomous Region, Birobidzhan city
The project of the territory planning and the projects of the buildings of the quarter in Kolomna
Moscow region, Kolomensky district, near the village of Ametevo
Competitive pedestrian bridge project
the city of Moscow, Taras Shevchenko embankment
Vernissage of artists on the Crimean embankment
the city of Moscow, the Crimean embankment