Interior design
We approach the development of interior design as the art of creating a harmonious and cozy interior space that reflects the style and personality of each of our clients.
The designers of the "A.LEVINSON AND PARTNERS" bureau make up a project based on your means, desires and features of the room, including lighting, acoustics and ergonomics. As a result of the work, unique and functional spaces are obtained. We strive to create maximum comfort for residents and visitors.
List of services:
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Development of a draft design of interior design and its coordination with the customer
Visualization of interior design
Preparation of a working draft
Detailed study of the preliminary design approved by the Customer
Selection of finishing materials, doors, windows, furniture, plumbing, household appliances, etc.
Development of structural elements
Preparation of dismantling plans
Wall sweep
Preparation of floor plans with tile layout
Preparation of ceiling plans with placement of lighting fixtures
Preparation of plans with distribution of sockets and switches
Preparation of furniture placement plans
Preparation of the engineering communications project:
Selection of paintings, sculptures, textile design, accessories
Calculations, diagrams, drawings of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sewerage, electrical equipment, video surveillance, security and fire alarm systems, cable line systems, etc.
specifications of equipment and materials for each section of the engineering communications project